• Make to Learn

    We make to learn. Making is playful exploration. Making is self-directed and interest-driven. Making is critical and creative problem solving.

  • Digital Media and Learning

    We use digital media to create, consume and connect. We learn to navigate within a complex information society and effectively produce and distribute media that communicates to authentic audiences and networks.

  • Learning Pathways

    We are building learning pathways. Through digital badging, community partnerships and our K-13 curriculum continuum students participate in learning networks that go beyond the classroom.

  • Teacher as Designer

    We are building the capacity of teachers to become designers of powerful learning experiences and environments.

  • Unlocking Potential

    The only way to free potential is to embrace iteration. We experiment, we take risks, we make mistakes in order to learn and try again.

  • Convergence in Action

    We are empowering schools, teachers, and students.

  • Vote for Convergence at SXSW

    Vote for Convergence Academies Panel idea for South by Southwest Education 2015


“Because of Convergence, my students and I have access to technologies, artists and opportunities that we did not have before.” — Guadalupe Rivera, 3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher, Morrill 

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Teacher as Designer

The Convergence Academies instructional learning model positions teachers as designers of powerful learning experiences and centers on the three areas of Consume, Connect, and Create.

Connected Learning

The Convergence Academies aim to better understand how to increase student learning by cultivating a dynamic media ecology that bridges learning across home, the classroom, and peer networks.





In order for schools to adapt to the educational needs of 21st century students, we believe that we must invest in teachers along side digital media.

Digital Atelier

The Digital Atelier serves as an autonomous space for the physical manifestation of the values of play, exploration, and creative learning.

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How to Design a Digital Atelier

How to Design a Digital Atelier

We are proud to announce the release of this exquisite toolkit on How to Design a Digital Atelier. The document is now online at the Archeworks site. Thanks to the Archeworks New Practice team for an amazing collaboration…
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There’s an App for That!

There’s an App for That!

There are so many possibilities for teaching, learning, creating and consuming media. Hopefully, one of these apps or programs inspired you to do something new with your students.

All Data Tells a Story

All Data Tells a Story

You can create infographics to tell stories with your students. Here are a few simple programs that you can use: