We are hard-wired for connectivity. Work with us to innovate next gen solutions to the challenges and opportunities of learning in the networked age.

Learning Experience Design

We draw on design thinking and interest-powered learning to make your content come alive, onsite and online. We partner with schools, nonprofits, funders and organizations to design tailored tools and strategies that optimize users’ learning experiences to be immersive, purposeful and learner-centered. These experiences can be designed for adults and youth alike.

Specific applications of our services include:

  • Online skill and knowledge building for youth through immersive challenges, playlists, projects, curricula and play/game based activities
  • Digital badge design based on experiential learning and competency-based assessments
  • Online course development for professional educators integrated with networked professional learning communities
  • High quality design of tools that capture new forms of learning and facilitate engaging learning interactions and experiences
  • Translation of existing curricula and learning resources into connected learning systems and sustainable ecosystems
  • Tailored development of highly interactive and impactful face-to-face workshops
  • User testing and iterative design

Examples of Our Work

  • DC Job Ready Playlists
    Convergence worked with Collective Shift/LRNG to create a three-part collection of learning playlists that help teens gain job-ready skills aligned to 21st century workforce competencies.
  • Facilitation Cards
    Working with MHA Labs, we designed the content for a series of physical cards to help guide positive and reflective interactions between youth and their summer employment supervisors.
  • Participatory Learning Activity Guides
    This set of 40 activity guides centered on the Convergence 3Cs framework were co-developed with Chicago Public School teachers and demonstrate their capacity to integrate digital media, real world relevance and interest-powered engagement into classroom learning.

Professional Development

“I can’t believe it’s PD!” This is what teachers often say after experiencing our practical, hands-on and inspiring workshops. Through our offerings, teachers build creative confidence by positioning themselves as learners and engaging in activities and processes that they can then turn around and use with their own students.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, interactive and personalized teacher development onsite and online using research-verified and field-tested processes, practices, and tools. We partner with educators from all grade-levels and disciplines, K-16, specializing in progressive pedagogies for the networked age.

Topics our PD can cover:

  • Participatory, active and connected learning
  • Design thinking for educators
  • Makerspaces and agile classrooms
  • Learner-centered classroom design
  • Media, information, digital and civic literacies
  • Project-based inquiry and play-based learning
  • Authentic STEAM, arts, digital media and technology integration

Specific applications of our services include:

  • Immersive day-long workshops where participants walk away with concrete tools, actionable strategies and quality resources to use in their classrooms the next day
  • Continuous support through competency-based, self-paced and personalized online courses offered in partnership with VIF’s Learning Center Platform serving over 20,000 educators nationally
  • Tried and true strategies published through playbooks, toolkits and design frameworks
  • Personalized coaching in curricular unit planning (UbD) and technology/media integration
  • Strategic consulting with foundations, districts and schools to build blended and customized professional development solutions
  • Development of mentorship models and training systems

Examples of Our Work

  • Power of Place
    In partnership with Bretford and VIF, we created a comprehensive suite of engaging and high quality professional development services and resources that empower educators to design agile and technology enabled spaces for active learning.
  • Passion to Purpose
    With digital media arts teachers from across Chicago Public Schools, we delivered a day-long hands-on PD workshop in interest-powered and project-based instruction and assessment design based on the principles of connected learning.
  • The Connected Classroom
    In partnership with the VIF Learning Center, this series of four self-paced, personalized, online learning courses enable teachers to use new media, design thinking and innovative technologies for deeper learning with a focus on our six pillars of instructional design framework.

Strategic Consulting

We work to strengthen learning ecosystems through sustainable models and solution design by creating structures, partnerships and collaborations between K-12 schools, colleges, civic institutions, community-based partners, cultural groups and businesses.

Specific applications of our services include:

  • Expanding educational offerings through online learning management systems
  • Centralizing learning resources, curricula and professional development into an engaging and immersive LMS or networked delivery system
  • Designing systems and cycles for professional development of faculty with analytics of assessments and competencies
  • Developing curriculum maps, competency-based assessments, learning objectives and shared sets of tools to improve instruction
  • Strategizing long term whole school transformations based on connected learning principles

Examples of Our Work

  • Convergence Academies
    Through a federally funded 3 million dollar Investing in Innovation grant, we designed and implemented a whole school transformation model over three years at two high need Chicago Public Schools.

  • Digital Ateliers
    In partnership with Archeworks and Bretford, we built and researched these student-centered HOMAGO (hanging out, messing around, geeking out) makerspaces in two Chicago neighborhood schools designed to advance STEAM literacies and interest-powered learning.

  • LRNG: Chi
    Through strategic consulting, evaluation and technical assistance services, we are helping Chicago civic agencies create new workforce development opportunities for youth using learning playlists.